Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Still Going

Hello all

It really is insane just how fast all of the weeks fly by. Feels like just yesterday that I was emailing you guys. But the miracle I talked about last week came to full realization this past weekend. Pedro was baptized and confirmed! He asked Elder Hill to baptize him, and me to confirm him. It was a great moment for us, for him, and for the ward as well. He was introduced to the Church by his girlfriend. It continues to impress me just how many people are introduced to the gospel not by street contacting, the Internet, or other materials, but simply by good and faithful members who help others see what they believe in and what makes them happy. Members, not missionaries, really are the lifeblood of missionary work. 
Lately, we have been focusing a lot on how we can help the ward, instead of just focusing on how many baptisms we can get. This strategy really has worked wonders. All the members in the ward know us and love us now, and they are all more than willing to help us out, accompany us to lessons, and give us references as well. Being friendly really does work I guess.

Hope you all are doing well. All the fall fun is beginning to start. I can't believe it's football season already! As you all know, the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl, and Texas the National Championship. I'll be there to see both.
Love you all, and Hook em Horns

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