Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello all!

Can't believe another week has flown by. Time sure goes faster as you get older in the mission. We were really happy with the work we did this week though! We officially have two people that will be getting baptized this coming Saturday: Rosa and Fernando. They are both great people who were truly prepared by the hand of the Lord to receive the gospel. Rosa is a single mother who was actually referred to the Church by her friend who lives in the USA. She even watched all of general conference at a time that she didn't even know the missionaries! She came to church two weeks in a row and requested baptism. Fernando is a really humble man who lives with his aunt, something that's very common here in Peru, even when they're adults. He is very simple, but has a strong testimony about the Book of Mormon. Open your mouth and share the gospel guys! You never know where it will take the people that you share it with.

Otherwise, everything is great. We are trying to lay off the American food lately and eat more Peruvian food (much cheaper). I like it, but am a bit tired of eating the same thing every day. It's been really cold this week too! I even broke out the sweater for the first time in an entire year!
My favorite dish that I have been eating a lot lately is called aji de gallina. It is basically boiled chicken and potatoes covered in a yellow gravy that is made of crushed up saltine crackers, oil, and chooped up aji, or spicy peppers. It is really spicy and totally delicious. It sounds easy to make, so I plan on learning how so I can make it for Xmas eve dinner this year! Beware! The most common job here is to either work construction, or to make a little store of food and drinks in your house. THe supermarkets are for rich people only, but that's where I can find almost all the American stuff that I buy. About 80% of Peruvians are self-employed.

Hope you enjoy the picture of the house we live in!

Love ya

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