Monday, February 18, 2013

Triple Dipper

Hello family and friends!

I laughed this week, because almost everyone had an email title that had something to do with how fast time was passing. It is going by fast for me too, unfortunately!

This week, we had the privilege of baptizing three worthy converts! They were great people, and their baptismal services were very spiritual. Last P-day, we baptized Felicita and Yelsi, who are two sisters that came to Trujillo to live with their aunt. They are from the mountains of east Peru, and are just about the politest (is that a word?) young ladies that I have ever met. They were very, very quiet, but read the Book of Mormon and prayed right away, and knew without a doubt that it was true. They requested baptism themselves, which is something that doesn't happen too often! They truly are amazingly prepared young women. The other baptism was of an older man named Domingo (which, funnily enough, is "Sunday" in Spanish). He was the friend of a member, and after having attended the baptismal sevice of that member' s son, he had a strong desire to get baptized himself! He likes to talk a lot, and he also likes to read a lot, which really helped us out! He even read the Pearl of Great Price before his baptism! Interesting guy, and a great future priesthood holder.

Other than that, the week was a bit typical. We are having a 7 week change (usually changes are 6 weeks) because of the changing of the MTC schedule and whatnot (did you guys hear that those who are learning a new language are only going to stay there for 6 weeks now instead of 9? Crazy!), so it feels kinda weird to have a whole new week ahead of us, but Elder Richards and I are excited about it. Hopefully we stay together for another change! We are having lots of fun.

Love you and miss you all! A special shout out to Bishop Stebbing, since I hear he is getting released from the bishopric in the Capitol Ward. Hope all is well. Thanks for all you did for me bishop!


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