Monday, May 21, 2012

Still Working...Never stop...


We are still working hard here. It really feels like it never stops. However, the work is good, and I feel good. It is nice. Pictures!! These came from our experience today for P Day. We literally hiked up a gigantic sandy hill (and I mean HUGE) to go see this lighthouse that ended up having barbed wire all the way around it. How's that for irony? It was still fun though, and I got some nice pictures of me on giant rocks again.

Not too much news going on here. We have been working really hard in the area, mostly because the people before me here did'nt do much. There has been a lot of different things to sort out. We also had interviews this week, so I actually made the blog. That also meant that we got to eat CHICKEN!!! It was so delicious...and free! I love chicken with aji (spicy sauce). That will be just about the only thing that I miss from Peruano cuisine.

Thanks so much to Tanya and Garrett for the package!! The Cheez its are my favorite. The individual bags was a great idea too! Thank you!!

Keep working hard everyone! Always keep us in your prayers, because we need it.


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