Monday, May 14, 2012

Miss you all!

Dear Family

Wow! It was so great to talk to you guys. Thanks for filling me in on everything, even though Skype was a bit difficult to communicate through! It was awesome to see you all. Sorry that my English was terrible. I can't believe that it has suffered that much! Oh well, I guess that is the price of learning a different language right?

Anyway, everyone looked great! I am so glad you are all having so much fun and growing up so fast! Things here are fine. I am still getting used to the new area and trying to get everything in order. Our room and pensionista is way better than it was in Huarmey, so I am rather happy. We don't have too many great investigators right now, but I will definitely keep you updated! Since we teach all day every day, we should start improving! We really are working hard.

Thought you would enjoy these two pictures. The first is with me and my first convert and his grandson when I said goodbye to them in Huarmey. He is a great guy and I will miss him a lot! The other is my view from my room here. In the distance you can see the beach! Pretty cool eh?

I love you guys a ton! Thanks so much to Ben and Becky for the AMAZING packages they sent. Also, I thought I already updated her on this, but Kayleigh, I did get your little 6 month package! I wrote all about it in the letter I sent you :) Love you all!


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