Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Hot!

Dear familia!

How is everyone? It really is starting to get steamy here. Christmas is honestly the hottest time of the year in Peru. It is super weird for me...I honestly forget that we are in Christmas season until I read you guys' emails. We did decorate our room though. I say "decorate", but honestly we only have two Christmas decorations in the whole place. One is a stuffed Santa that some elders left there from years back, and the other is a Mexican nativity scene inside of a hollowed out porcelain chili pepper. Feliz Navidad! I am, however, singing Christmas carols at the top of my lungs in English, so I am sure Elder Almazan loves me for that...

We had quite a fun P-day. Hermana Turk invited the whole zone over to make some tacos at her house! I am sure you will see some pictures on the blog, but we played lots of games and listened to Christmas carols too. Made me miss home, to be honest. The tacos were delicious though. Their house is actually really nice. I like playing the piano there too, since it is still the only real one that I have found in Peru. Our chapel doesn't have one at all, and the others that do have them are all electric. You know how I am with electric pianos too, not a fan.

The week went well overall. We are just here preparing more people to get baptized. I am in what is probably my last few weeks in this area, so I am trying to leave it all on the field! It is a great place and I will miss all the people here, but after 8 months of it, I'm ready to go. I have certainly learned a lot though. Alto Moche will always have a part of my heart.

I am sending you some fun pictures this week of the cover that I had made for my English scriptures. This lady burns it in there with a metal pen thing, and she can literally do it with any image that you want. I only payed about 20 bucks for this one too. On one side is the temple in Trujillo (check out the Turks blog for updates on it!), and on the other side has our beloved San Antonio temple! Pretty cool eh?

Love you all. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. Can't wait to talk to you in just two weeks!
Thanks to grandma Pettersson for the Christmas money!  I love you and miss you!

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