Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Everyone!


Hi Peeps!

What a crazy week!I'm writing this news of the week first and I am attaching two pictures! This week was great! Tracting with my Latino companion was super fun. We got a real taste of missionary work! We ended up giving out two Books of Mormon, and got a ton of other people who wanted the missionaries to visit their houses later.

Funny story of the experience though. We ended up going into the house of a member lady and her son. Unfortunately, she was wearing a Texas A&M shirt. I just kinda ignored it, and later found out that she didn't even know it was a university.  Anyway, she and her son are talking to us, and suddenly the son goes back into the kitchen and gets two glasses of what looks like wine. He gives it to Elder Muralles and I and I'm kinda just staring at it like, Is this dude, who's a member, really giving us wine?  Elder Muralles just starts downing the glass, and I figure what the heck, if he's doing it, I guess it's ok.  I start drinking it and its disgusting! Later I found out that it's a super popular drink in Peru. A juice made from blue corn.  The guy gave us two classes each.  I almost died.

Anyway, its transition time here at the CCM. All the Latinos stayed for three weeks, so Elder Muralles is gone.  It's kinda empty here, but we should be getting a new batch of missionaries in today sometime. I can't believe I'm almost done with the MTC! We got to go to the temple today, and I went through for Kayleigh's uncle Fred. Such a great experience. Today, we also go get to tour the historical sights of Lima as a group. Should be a blast.

Hope you guys are all surviving the cold! It's 70 degress and sunny here:) The blessings of going on a mission...
Love you tons!

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