Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello Everyone!

So good to hear from you all again. I guess I forgot to inform you that my new p-day will be Wednesday. For now I'm going to send my news of the week and I want to read everyones letters.

Anyway, we got here safely, and everything is great! The weather is super nice, and we get to play soccer literally every single day.  I love it! The only downside is that the MTC President is super strict.  Oxymoronically, it's super disorganized. I get along great with my two new companions, Elder Hyde and Muralles, so that's good.  My Spanish is also improving a ton, which is s huge upside.

Today is the best day so far! On Pday here they basically open the gates and tell you to go to the temple, which is maybe 10 blocks away. We pay 50 Centimos to get on this tiny little bus, packed with Peruvians (the conductor yells at us the whole way) and we bump our way to the temple. It's a beautiful one, but it's super small.  The session in Spanish went well! Afterwards, we got to go to some little shops around there that were super cool.  Some of the stuff there is gimmicky, but most of it is super authentic.  Crazy.

Hope you all are doing well! Sorry I don't have much to report, but we basically are doing Spanish class and practice teaching and soccer every single day.  But hey, I absolutely love it! Miss you all tons! Love you1

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